Awesome Facts About Ariana Grande, Part II

Awesome Facts About Ariana Grande, Part II

Alright, welcome to the second part of "Awesome facts about Ariana Grande". I hope you liked the first part (well, I guess you did, otherwise why are you here, right?) and am really happy to introduce y'all to the second one. As it turns out, this young, 22-year-old lady is a pretty interesting person and it took me two posts to cover her "life journey". She's been a part of the musical industry since 2011 and managed to climb to the very top of the show-business mountain while still staying true to her principles and rules. It's really hard to stay yourself in this harsh world, but, as you'll learn right now, she does it with a cute smile on her face. Alright, time to discuss awesome facts about Ariana Grande!

- This is adorable: She says her first crush was...Justin Timberlake! Aha, JT himself, and she was just 3 years old when that happened. I'm actually not really sure how you can have a crush on someone when you can't even speak to, but it is what it is!

Awesome Facts About Ariana Grande, Part II

- Did you know that Miss Grande is a huge fan of Harry Potter and the whole book series? Well, she most definitely is! Her favorite characters are Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood. Who are your favorite heroes from the legendary series?

- Awesome fact about Ariana Grande: she told a newspaper once that she really enjoyed Gossip Girl - the legendary TV show. And she really loves the song "One Thing" by One Direction. Yep, she, your typical 22-years-old girl...but with #1 hits and multi-million contracts!

Awesome Facts About Ariana Grande - She Loves Monopoly And Is Super-Popular Online

Awesome Facts About Ariana Grande, Part II

- I bet you didn't know that when the future superstar was just 10 years old she used to be a member (actually, a co-founder) of a band called "Kids Who Care". They performed at all kinds of fund-raising events for charity. Tell me you're not impressed!

- Awesome facts about Ariana Grande: She really loves penguins ("They're cute"), adores Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe and really enjoys playing Monopoly. She actually said once that she never got tired of this game.

- Ariana is hypoglycemic - that means her blood sugar gets low from time to time and she needs to eat something to get it back up to normal.

Awesome Facts About Ariana Grande, Part II

- One of the most awesome facts about Ariana Grande: She has 39.3 million followers on twitter and 74.4 million subscribers on Instagram (it's the fourth most-followed account)! Back in December 10, 2011 she was really impressed when she got her millionth follower. Funny, huh? Oh, and by the way, The World Bank, the largest development organization on planet Earth, follows her on Twitter!

- In 2011 the future social media monster went to her first concert - it was Katy Perry's show.

- Amazing fact about Ariana Grande: "Yours Truly", her debut album, managed to become the #1 LP on the iTunes Store in 30+ countries 20 minutes after the official release!

Awesome Facts About Ariana Grande, Part II

- In 2016 Time named Ariana one of the 100 most influential folks on this planet. Can you believe that? A 22-years-old girl has THAT MUCH influence!
Alright, that's it for Ariana, folks! Make sure to check out Part I and stay tuned for more awesome facts!

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