Interesting Facts About Green Tea

Interesting Facts About Green Tea

Green tea is considered to be one of the finest, oldest and healthiest drinks on planet Earth. There are tons of legends about its properties - some even claim that it grants eternal life if you know how to drink it :). Well, that might be nonsense, but there are a lot of interesting facts about green tea that will definitely grab your attention. On the other hand, if you're a life-long drinker and think that you know everything about this magical drink, you'll still learn a few cool facts, so, don't run away - stick around, it'll be worth it!

- Ok, the first thing you need to know is that green tea is made from the leaves of a plant that's called Camellia sinensis. It's a pretty tiny bush, but its stems can be as long as 3 meters. So, now you know what the "tea plant" is called.

Interesting Facts About Green Tea

- Interesting facts about tea: Naturally, it originated from China, the Land Of Tea, as some people like to call it. The leaves of this plant have been used by humanity for over 4 thousand years now. These days we use them as dietary supplements, not to mention health products. Furthermore, some cosmetics brands use the leaves in their work.

- This plant, the Camellia Sinensis, can be grown both in the sun and in the shade, which is pretty great. The shoots are harvested 3 times a year - in April, June. and July. After that, the leaves are kept somewhere at low temperatures. Next, there are the stages of drying, blending and finally packing for distributing all over the world.

Interesting Facts About Green Tea - China Is The Biggest Exporter, It's Good For Your Health

Interesting Facts About Green Tea

- Interesting fact about tea: As strange as it might sound, the May crops, the very first ones, have a better flavor. Sometimes they store it for a whole year, up until the next harvest time arrives and sell it for an additional price.

- There are a lot of ways to make a cup of green tea. Some folks like to put 2 grams into a cup full with 100 milliliters of hot water. Others love using a teaspoon. It all comes to personal tastes and preferences, so you'll just have to try them all before you find your perfect "recipe".

Interesting Facts About Green Tea

- As for ceremonies, you should warm the teapot first and the leaves must stay in the pot for the whole event. Next, hot water is added as you (and the guests) drink the tea and/or until the flavor fades.

- China is the biggest producer of tea on planet Earth - they've got about 81% of the total production. As for the export, they ship 83% of the world's tea reserves. Definitely an interesting fact about green tea!

- If you're a proud owner of high-quality tea, you'll need to steep it for a minimum of 30 seconds. At the same time, low-quality tea is usually steeped (brewed) for a maximum of 3 minutes.

Interesting Facts About Green Tea

- The scientists and researchers claim that if you drink green tea on a regular basis you'll lower the risk of developing certain types of cancer and heart diseases. Oh, you've been drinking it for your whole life? Even better!

- Finally, green tea is your best friend if you're trying to drop some weight. I'm not saying it's a magical tool, but the oxidants in green tea help your digestive system, which is a good thing. Bottom line is, start drinking at least one cup of tea per day and you'll become a healthy, happy and energized person :).

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