Amazing Facts About The Sun

Amazing Facts About The Sun

The Sun is everything to us - without it we'll freeze to death or die from starvation. And that's a fact! It's located right at the center of our dear Solar System and you could say that it plays a vital role in our lives. The Sun allows us to keep track of time, to grow food, stay warm and enjoy life on Earth. As a nice "bonus", it creates the most astonishing, breath-taking and eye-grabbing sceneries in the sky, perfect for your personal desktop. So, with all that said, I believe you can see now why people used to think that God was actually the Sun. Even today, if you take a few minutes and read through my list of amazing facts about the Sun, I bet you'll be truly blown away by this star. Ready? Steady? Let's go!

- Do you know how much the Sun weighs? I believe the scientific term is "Ridiculous Billions Of Kilograms". Seriously, though - the Sun weighs as much as 330K Earths! Yes, that's three hundred thousand. Can you imagine that?

Amazing Facts About The Sun

- They say if the Sun was hollow, you could fit 960K Earths in it. A truly amazing fact about the Sun! I know it all sounds a bit out of this world, but those are scientifically proven facts, not some mumbo-jumbo.

- Despite the fact that the Sun is glorious and all, there are 100 billion stars just like it in the Milky Way! So, that 3-room apartment you've got on the East Side doesn't look like something huge right now, does it? :)

Amazing Facts About The Sun - 4.6 Billion Years Old, Perfect For Our Planet

Amazing Facts About The Sun

- An amazing fact about the Sun: The Cosmos is gigantic, and we measure everything in it in light years to make sense of it all, but, despite that fact, it seems like the Sun is made specifically for us to enjoy. It's got just the perfect size, shape, brightness and temperature, not to mention the distance between it and the Earth is just right for life to be possible on our planet. So, if it was a bit smaller, colder of closer, I wouldn't be writing this article and you wouldn't be reading it :).

- Our Sun is approximately 4.6 million years old! It's considered to be a middle-aged star, meaning it's got just as much time to "live" and is currently classified as a "Yellow Dwarf".

- Keep in mind that after the Sun burns out all of the available Hydrogen, it will switch to burning the Helium and start "swallowing" Mercury, Venus and...the Earth! So, you better pack your bags then, huh? Wait, scratch that - this will happen in...150 million years :).

Amazing Facts About The Sun

- Another amazing fact about the Sun: This star's gigantic mass makes up 99.86 percent of the total mass in our Solar System. It mainly consists of hydrogen (75%) and helium (25%).

- There's a fine distance of 150 million kilometers from the Sun to our planet, and it takes light 8 full minutes and 20-25 seconds to reach the Earth. However, it takes the rays a lot more time to travel from the Sun's core to its surface.

- Have you ever thought about flying to the Sun in a regular plane? It's got a max speed of 650 kilometers per hour, which means you'll reach your destination in 20 years!

Amazing Facts About The Sun

- The Sun makes a rotation once every 25 days, while the Earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours. By the way, the energy output of the Sun that's generated through nuclear fusion is 386-387 billion Megawatts.

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