Entertaining Facts About France

Entertaining Facts About France

France is considered to be the most beautiful country in Europe, with Paris being the city of love and enlightenment. The French language is astonishing, the people are energetic, and the Eiffel Tower is probably the most famous building in the whole wide world. Now, despite the recent horrible terrorist attacks, France is still standing strong on both feet and with the UEFA European Championship 2016 currently breaking all kinds of records, I'm happy to say that it's all good under the sun. However, I'm here to say that the following list of entertaining facts about France will grab your attention fully and you might even miss a football game or two. Hey, you've been warned!

- France is a pretty large country, and it's divided into 22 regions. Paris is, of course, the capital, but people used to call it "Lutetia" back in the day. Sounds funny, right? By the way, April Fool's Day is also something we got from the French.

Entertaining Facts About France

- Entertaining facts about France: Do you know that about 95 percent of French children are fluent in English and it's their second language? It's true! Oh, and the fine tradition of the ladies wearing an all-white dress for the wedding was invented by the French folks more than 500 years ago - in 1499.

- They've got more than 130 (!) TV channels in France and 200K-1Million illegal immigrants living in the country right now, according to the official estimates. The real number might be higher (and it most likely is) .

Entertaining Facts About France - No Kissing On The Railways Or Taking Pictures Of Cops

Entertaining Facts About France

- This country produces 400+ varieties of cheese, you can't kiss on railways in the city of love (it's simply illegal) and the official currency in France is Euro (although that might change after the Brits said goodbye to the European Union).

- More entertaining facts about France: The legendary Statue Of Liberty that currently "resides" in New-York (the city) was, in fact, a gift from the French folks to the Americans. As for the Eiffel Tower, it's more than 100 years old - it was built in 1889. Do you know what the architect's name was? Gustave...Eiffel! Yep, hence the name.

Entertaining Facts About France

- Do you know how tall this tower is? It's 324 meters high - that's more than a thousand feet! Have you ever been on top of the Eiffel Tower? Share in the comments!

- They say there are ~67 million people living in France. For example, Germany's population is 82 million, Italy's population is 60 million and the UK's population 65 million. So, yeah - there are approximately as many French people out there as there are Italians and Brits.

Entertaining Facts About France

- Remember: It's illegal to take pics (funny or otherwise) of police vehicles and/or officers. They will arrest you and put you in jail for a day or two! Hey, not the most entertaining fact about France, huh?

- In 24 countries, most of which are located on the African continent, French is the official language. As for the French flag, it's got the same colors as the Russian flag does! I bet you never knew about this fun fact!

- The French Republic is the official name of the country, and Grasse, a beautiful commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department, is often called the perfume capital of the world.

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