Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

You do not suffer from herpetophobia? You can distinguish friendly snake from inhospitable viper and the rubber asp from living in serpentarium in the zoo? Not afraid to go in shorts and flip-flops on the virgin steppe, collecting impressions and fragrant wild flowers? Then this collection –is for you.

On Earth, inhabited by more than 3 thousand species of snakes, of which about a quarter poisonous. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. Snake poisons are complex composition and are cocktails of proteins. After tasting this cocktail, accidental or deliberate victim of creeping reptile can get a breathing disorder, or necrosis of tissue and blood clots, or blindness it all depends on what kind of snake rubles gained.

It should be noted that for a person poisonous snakes are not as dangerous as for animals. But it is not because man strong and durable, it is just because snakes do not attack on people first, they only defend. And in a protective bite is usually much less poison than in hunting.

Uniform Code of good manners in dealing with snakes do not exist, because they, like people, are very different Biologists determined seven kinds of poisonous snakes, with which it is desirable not to meet tete-a-tete. Well, let’s know the enemy’s face?

1. Black Mamba. The creature, which gave the name of the most popular online dating sites. That scary snake lives in woodlands, savannas and rocky places in Uganda, Zambia, Angola, South Africa, Kenya, and other southern parts of Africa. Dendroaspis polylepis known as the longest venomous snake in Africa and the 2-d biggest snake among the deadliest worldwide snakes. Adult specimens reach 2.5 meters in length, although there are cases of unfortunate encounters with the Mambo 4-meter length. This snake is very fast, speeds up to 20 km h. After the first "Tyapa" Mamba tries to sting several times, and if a poisonous tooth fell into a vein down the drain. mambas are often targeted by the garbage in African villages, making everyday garbage emissions very extreme exercise.

Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

2. Vipera berus.

Distributed widely in Eurasia, from Britain to Vietnam. It likes to bask in the sun in the dry places. Bite of common viper extremely painful, but rarely fatal. Adults grow up 60-80 cm. By nature, non-aggressive, before attacking, trying to hide or escape.

Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

3. Copperhead snake-fish-eater.

Water copperhead is found in small stagnant ponds and lakes as well as streams the Eastern United States. Bite of copperhead snake is potentially fatal. This snake hunts for fish and frogs, snakes and other small aquatic critters, trapping their victims in an ambush. Attacks on human only in a desperate situation. Copperhead snake-fish-eater can reach lengths of up to 180 cm. It is under protection as a rather rare kind.

Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

4. Green rattlesnake.

Reptile from the northern Pacific coast of America, occasionally it is found in British Columbia (Canada) and the north-west Mexico. Most Americans believe that Crotalus viridis is most aggressive poisonous reptile in the United States, which enjoys a very bad reputation. Perfectly disguisedperfectly climbs trees. Reaches meter length. Rattlesnake bite is fatal to humans (thins the blood), but, paradoxically, for skunks it is absolutely not dangerous.

Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

5. Black viper (pseudehis)

In Australia, this terrible asp referred to simply as "black snake". There he feared everywhere except Tasmania, where pseudehis is not found. Shiny black upper body in contrast with the red belly gives black viper very sinister look. Bite of pseudehisa potentially deadly to humans, And this reptile is almost the champion on the number of produced and emitted poison. Black viper is the largest poisonous snake in the world, reaching 3 meters in length. It feeds on frogs.

Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

6. The bushmaster.

The species name for this big thick body viper Lachesis muta muta means "bringing silent death." The distinguishing feature bushmaster the head of a triangular shape. It is very cruel and snappish, and never once stings. Snake has quite a lot of poison, death from him very possible. Even small snake attack is fatal to humans. Meeting with bushmaster available in Guyana, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil, and Trinidad. This beautiful and dangerous snake reaches a length of 4 meters.

Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

7. Taipan.

The most poisonous reptile in the world, Taipan, lives in tropical regions of northern and north-western Australia. It is said that a single Taipan bite can kill 12 thousand guinea pigs. Taipan easy to identified by a large fangs, orange eyes and brownish shades of the body. Taipan venom poisoning leads to vomiting, sharp abdominal cramps, anxiety, and severe headache.
Then the victim starts to see clouded, convulsions begin, and if someone does not help the bitten within a few minutes, he falls into a coma, from which it is difficult to go back. Before the invention from antidote bites of Taipan died up to 90% of victims. Nowadays, every second perishes. In Taipan length reaches 3.5 meters.

Seven Most Dangerous Poisonous Snakes Of The Planet

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