Facts about Justin Bieber

1. His Full name is Justin Drew Bieber.

2. He was born on the 1st of March, 1994.

3. He has been active on the music scene from 2008 till present.

4. His was born in London at the St. Joseph’s Hospital and he was raised in Stratford, Ontario.

5. He is the only child of Patrica Pattie Mallete and Jeremy Jack Bieber. His parents were never married.

6. He was raised by his mother with the help of his grandmother (Diane) and stepfather (Bruce).

7. His paternal great grandfather was from the German ancestry while his mother French Canadian Crescent.

8. Jeremy later had two other children Jaxmyn (2009) and Jaxon (2010) with a different person. Though his parents were never married, Bieber maintained contact with his father.

9. Bieber’s father, Jeremy is a carpenter and a pro martial art artist.

10. Bieber attended a French elementary school (Jeanne Savue Catholic School) in Stratford.

Facts about Justin Bieber

11. In a tender age, Bieber learnt to play guitar, trumpet, drums and piano.

12. He attended the St. Michael Catholic School and graduated 2012.

13. In 2007, he came second in a local singing competition which took place at Stratford, he sang Ne-yo’s “so sick”

14. Scooter Braun, an executive of So So Def Recordings accidentally stumbled into Bieber 2007 videos. Impressed as he was, he tracked down Bieber and contacted Mallete but she was unwilling to let Bieber go with Braun because of Braun’s Judaism. With a few persuasions from her church elders, she let Bieber go with Braun.

15. At age 13, Braun took Bieber to Atlanta to record a demo and a week later, Bieber was already singing for Usher.

16. Bieber soon got signed into a joint venture between Braun and Usher (Raymond Braun Media Group). Justin Timberlake was also in a bid for Bieber but he lost.

17. In 2008, Bieber moved to Atlanta with his mother to pursue his career with Braun and Usher and Braun became his manager.

18. Bieber released his first single “one time” to radio while he was still recording his debut album. After a week, the song reached number 12 on the Canadian hot 100 in July 2009. It later hit number 17 on the Billboard hot 100. HIS first album reached international standards.

19. His second album single “One less lonely time” was released and it reached top 20 in the US and in Canada.

20. In December 2009, Bieber performed “someday at Christmas” by Ron Miller and Bryan Wells for the then US president Barrack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama on Christmas in Washington which was broadcasted that same day on the US Television. He was the presenter of the 52nd Grammy awards in 2010. He was invited to be a vocalist in the remake of the song “We are the world” by Micheal Jackson and Lionel Richie for its 25th anniversary to benefit Haiti after the earthquake.

Facts about Justin Bieber

21. Justin dated Selena Gomez from December 2010 to November 2012.

22. In June 2011, Bieber was ranked No 2 on the Forbes list for the best paid celebrities under the age of 30. He is the youngest star having ranked $53 million within a year.

23. Apart from music, Justin has ventured into different businesses. He endorsed Adidas in 2012 alongside Venus Williams and Derrick Rose. He also became the new face of Calvin Klein in 2015.

24. He launched his first fragrance “someday” in 2011. He crossed over three million US dollars in sales within three weeks. With this, He launched his second fragrance “Girlfriend” in 2012 an then the third “the key” launched in 2013 and then his latest fragrance Justin Bieber collection edition was launched in 2014.

25. Bieber currently funds a charity organization (Pencils of Promise) founded by Braun’s brother Adam Braun. The organization builds schools in developing countries; he is currently serves as a celebrity spokesman for the organization.

26. In 2013, Bieber launched his online #GiveBackPhilippines# campaign for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and traveled to Phillipines after he raised $3 million. His work for The Philippines earned him a star on the Walk of Fame Philippines.

27. On March 2013, Bieber collapsed backstage after complaining of breathing problems sequel to his performance and he was taken to the hospital afterwards.

28. On October 2 2013, Bieber announced that he would release one song every Monday for 10 weeks.

29. Bieber was charged with misdemeanor count of vandalism in California for throwing eggs at his neighbor's home. With him pleading no contest to the charge, the Los Angeles County Superior Court sentenced him to serve complete twelve weeks of anger management, to pay US$80,900 in restitution, serve two years' probation and five days of community service in what the district attorney termed a negotiated settlement on July 9. Since then, he has permanently moved to Beverly Hills, California after the incident.

30. Bieber is reported to own an O-1 visa for temporary resident status, based on "extraordinary ability" in a field. Bieber has stated that he has no interest in being a US citizen. He has praised Canada as being "the best country in the world".

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