The Biggest Snake In The World

The monster from the movie Anaconda actually exists and his name is Medusa (Medusa) - 135 kilogram, 7.62 meter long creeping that it can easily swallow a calf.

The Biggest Snake In The World

This gigantic work of nature was recognized as the largest living snake living in captivity.
Giant python became the star of passing in Kansas horror attraction Edge of Hell haunted house, it eats 18 kilos of rats every week, but it can devour 60 kg person.

Official representatives of the Association of Guinness World Records confirmed that in October, the animal will be added to the list of the largest reptiles in the world.
This terrifying creeper has an owner, snake tamer named Larry Elgar (Larry Elgar), who said that, despite its size and fearsome appearance, his players completely harmless and would never attack humans.
"I have heard many stories about the African snake catches that have been swallowed alive by pythons, so I have no doubt that these snakes are cannibals.

And Medusa is no exception, she just lived too long in captivity and had grown accustomed to people. This snake knows that if he is hungry then we are always feed her with tasty little mice.
Solely for this reason, it has no particular desire to eat human meat, - he says. - However, the temptation is great and I do not exclude the probability that one fine day, when I lost my sight, Medusa can decide to try my taste. "
Mr Elgar said that he bought Medusa 7 years ago, when she was still quite tiny, and said that, despite his advanced age, the snake still continues to grow.

The Biggest Snake In The World

"When I first saw this snake seven years ago, it was no more than 60 centimeters in length and with my index finger thick, - said the owner of the monster. - I took care of her as my child: I gave all kindness and love, and the best fed meat. As a result, it has grown to a very large and sooo spoiled snake that only eats mice and so warm side to the sun.
In general, the life of her is raspberry. What can I say; it is grown lazy to such a degree that the twelve healthy men had to carry her in his arms to the point of feeding, because, you see, she herself refuses to crawl. And try not feed the monster - it will eat you and not choke.
It is necessary to clarify that the title of the largest snake living in captivity in the past belonged to the deceased long been reticulated python Fluffy (Fluffy), body length which was only 7 meters 30 centimeters.

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