10 Interesting Facts about Norway

10 Interesting Facts about Norway

Many people agree that Norway is quite a peaceful and picturesque country in the world, and the main reason is that it has the beautiful landscape gifted by the nature. There are some interesting things and facts that you should learn about the country known among people as the Kingdom of Norway. As an example, it has quite a long eastern border with Sweden, and it’s one of the Scandinavian countries that attract many tourists with its deep coastal zones, glaciers, and divine mountains.
10 Interesting Facts about Norway

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and it’s one of the best and greenest places in the world due to its open-air historic buildings, museums, and other interesting spots. What is it this country known for? As a tourist, there are different things that you can do in Norway, including fishing, skiing, hiking, and others. It’s true that these facts are widely known, but here we will discuss some of the most interesting and unique things that most people don’t know.
Interested in a few examples? Then you should know that Norwegian monarch has a title Norway’s King, but not King of Norway, as it shows the belonging to this country, but not vice versa. Besides, Japan was introduced to famous salmon sushi by Norway on the 1980s. As you can see, there are many amazing facts that should be disclosed about this country below.

Facts that Most People Don’t Know

  • This country had the first place for its prosperity rating in terms of well-being and wealth in 2014.

  • All public universities in Norway are free for people from any country in the world.

  • All Norwegian prisoners are provided with the Internet access in cells.

  • Its King herald made a vow to stay unmarried for his entire life unless he could get married to his only love who later became his wife and the queen of this country, but she was only a cloth merchant’s daughter.

  • Norway is the 1st country that will refuse from standard FM radio to fully switch to its digital form in one year.

  • It owns one inhabited frozen island, which is situated right in between Antarctica and Africa.

  • Norway decided to donate $1 billion with the purpose of saving the Amazon Rainforest.

  • Since WWII, only 10 policemen have been killed.

  • The highest price on gas is in this country, and it’s around $10 per gallon of premium-quality gas.

  • Norway is the place that is least likely to be influenced by climate change effects.

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