World Attractions That Will Surprise You

Today we will tell about the most unusual and mysterious places of the world's cities connected with the countries' culture and traditions.

Sexiest tomb in Paris

World Attractions That Will Surprise You

Tourists tend not only to visit the graves of Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison on the Parisian Pere Lachaise cemetery.
There is no less visited grave of a certain Victor Noir. The young man died a week before his wedding. The inconsolable bride wished to see the tombstone with her lover's statue, which has a characteristic bulge in his pants. Since then, the Victor Noir tomb has become a pilgrimage place for women. It is believed, that if you rub the genital area of the monument and kiss the statue on the lips, your sex life will improve.

Workaholic monument in Los Angeles
World Attractions That Will Surprise You

There is a monument to the man with the diplomat, whose head is on the building's wall, at the entrance to the Ernst & Young head office in Los Angeles.

Sign "forbidden to talk to strangers" in Moscow
World Attractions That Will Surprise You

Citizens have established stylized road sign in Moscow at the Patriarch's Ponds. To be exact, this is exhortation from Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita." Bulgakov's main characters, Woland, Koroviev and Behemoth clearly discern on the sign.

Rain's Monument in St. Petersburg
World Attractions That Will Surprise You

Petersburg rain is an unspoken symbol of the city, to it were dedicated songs and poems. And now St. Petersburg rain has its monument!

Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya
World Attractions That Will Surprise You

It is better not to throw glass bottles at the beach, but to put them in a museum. To do this, a whole complex was opened in Pattaya.
The Dutch master Pieter Bedele worked at least 15 hours above each exhibit (and there are more than three hundred in the museum). He works with bottles for 15 years! An exhibition of "Coca-Cola" historical labels would be a nice bonus.

White dog monument in Phuket
World Attractions That Will Surprise You

A large exhibition was held in Bangkok in memory of the tsunami victims in 2004. Monument to the white dog, in spite of the huge demand of collectors, after the event was presented to Phuket. The statue stands on the beach to this day.

Glass sculpture of the runner, Spyridon Louis in Athens
World Attractions That Will Surprise You

There is a glass sculpture of the runner Spyridon Louis; he was the first player, who won an Olympic marathon. Marathon always passes through this place after the installation of the statue on Omonia Square in Athens.

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