Awesome Facts About Wolves

Awesome Facts About Wolves

Wolves are truly fascinating creatures, even though they’re pretty scary and can put the fear of God in even the bravest men out there. These creatures are considered to be a part of the dog family – they’re the largest members, by the way. We see them in all kinds of cartoons and funny videos, but don’t let that fool you – a wolf is a predator, one of the fiercest ones on planet Earth. There are tons of awesome facts about wolves, and today we’ll discuss the best of the best, so, make yourself comfortable and let’s roll!

– There are a lot of wolf species in nature – some of them are endangered, others are extinct. So, that’s why they are constantly being reintroduced into the wild nature in America and Eastern Europe.

Awesome Facts About Wolves

– These creatures like to travel in packs of up to twenty. Did you know that the “fattest” wolf on official record weighed 130lbs? That’s almost 59 kilograms! By the way, adult wolves sometimes reach 5 feet in length. Can you imagine yourself standing knee-deep in snow, surrounded by a pack of angry and hungry wolves? :)

– Awesome facts about wolves: A female wolf usually has about 3-4 pups, while some “hard-working mothers” can have up to 6. Oh, and a female wolf is called a “bitch” :). During spring, the females live in underground dens – that’s where they give birth to their pups, which are deaf and blind at first.

– These creatures love to go after the larger prey, something to feast on for a while (like maybe a deer). However, if they’re hungry, they will gladly eat anything, including a rabbit.

Awesome Facts About Wolves

Awesome Facts About Wolves – Female Alphas, Great Hearing And An Even Better Scent

– More awesome facts about wolves: On average, wolves live up to 12-13 years, which is less than, say, tigers and lions. A lot of people think that only the males can be alphas, but in reality they usually lead the pack with the strongest female, and she’s also called an “alpha”. Yep, they’ve got that Bonnie & Clyde thing going on :).

– Wolves don’t just howl for the heck of it – that’s how they communicate with each other, and a howl gets louder when others join in. Did you know that wolves have exceptional ears and that their hearing is 20 times (!) better than ours? That’s true! Furthermore, their noses are super-sensitive, so, if you wanna make a wolf angry, just “pinch” its nose!

Awesome Facts About Wolves

– These creatures usually stalk and attack the weakest mammals, including the old and the sick ones. And, they usually hunt in packs.

– Awesome fact about wolves: These creatures are known to eat up to 8-9 kilograms in one go! Oh, and they eat everything, including the fur and the bones!

– A single wolf can easily travel up to 200 kilometers in one day. In many cultures the wolves are pictured as great teachers and leaders.

Awesome Facts About Wolves

– Hilarious fact about wolves: Some folks REALLY believe that they can (and will) turn into wolves during a full moon. The official term for this…mindset is “Lycanthropy”

– Wolves have a strong presence in modern-day culture, including movies, TV shows, music videos and video games. Besides, everybody knows the Big Bad Wolf from the scary fairy tales, right? Yep, wolves are pretty awesome!

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