Fun Facts About Sheep

Fun Facts About Sheep

What do you know about sheep? No, seriously – do you know any interesting, crazy of simply fun facts about these creatures? Well, there are a few, trust me on that! Humans have been living side by side with sheep since the Biblical times, so, it’s a shame that today we don’t really know the first thing about them. Hey, there’s always time to right the wrongs, so, that’s why I’ve compiled the following list of fun facts about sheep for you all to enjoy. Everybody remembers Dolly, the first-ever sheep to be cloned, but what can you say about the sheep milk or their sexual orientation? Say what? Aha, studies show that there are some gay sheep living on planet Earth! How crazy is that?!

– Ok, let’s start with an awesome fact: There are more than one BILLION sheep living on planet Earth! If you asked me, I would’ve said something like 50 to 100 million :).

Fun Facts About Sheep

– Female sheep are known as “Ewes”, while the male sheep are called “rams”. By the way, a poor “sheep fella” that’s been castrated is called a “Wether”. As for the baby sheep, they are known as “lambs” and they have a strong presence in the Bible.

– Do you know what a group of sheep is called? A herd, a mob or a flock? Believe it or not, all three answers are true! So, it’s a matter of personal preference, I guess.

– Fun fact about sheep: Their eyes are placed (located, rather) in such a clever way that they can see almost everything around them – they’ve got 300-degrees vision, to be exact. So, yes, they CAN see behind themselves without turning around.

Fun Facts About Sheep – Some Sheep Are Gay, Others Used To Be Owned By The President

Fun Facts About Sheep

– Sheep don’t like to drink water from a trough. Instead, they drink from running water. Don’t ask me why – I really don’t know :). The meat of a lamb has super-low cholesterol.

– Fun facts about sheep: Statistics show that most female sheep give birth to twins. Back in the day (in Ancient Greece), people used to use the sheep bones for playing dice!

– Believe it or not, but if you get caught stealing sheep in Scotland you may be hanged!!! I’m not even kidding you – I know it’s 2016, but that’s how it is! Well, not in the cities, of course, but as for the countryside…you never know!

Fun Facts About Sheep

– The so-called “Sheep industry” was established in Asia more than 10K years ago! In the past, folks used sheep intestines for making tennis racquet strings. Overall, 10 to 11 sheep needed to “contribute” for the racquet to be complete. Nowadays they use synthetics.

– Fun fact about sheep: If you put these creatures on their backs, they won’t be able to get back on its feet. Can you believe that? By the way, there are 900 different sheep species!

Fun Facts About Sheep

– This is hilarious: The scientists/researchers say that almost 10 percent of all male sheep in the world are attracted to dudes! So, that means that 100 million sheep are homosexual. Yep, a gay sheep revolution is on the rice, and you never even had the slightest clue! I wonder – are there any lesbian sheep out there?

– Sheep milk is heavily used in making cheese. During WW1, President Woodrow Wilson owned a flock of sheep and he raised them on the White House lawn with his spouse. Don’t believe me? Google it!

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