The New Jersey Devils: Hockey Games at Prudential Center

The Prudential Center: Home of the Devils

Prudential Center, affectionately known as “The Rock,” is a multipurpose indoor arena located in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. Opened in 2007, this state-of-the-art facility serves as the proud home of the New Jersey Devils.

History of the Devils at Prudential Center

The New Jersey Devils skated into Prudential Center, forever changing the landscape of Newark, in 2007. Leaving behind the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, the franchise embarked on a new chapter in a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility. Since that inaugural puck drop, Prudential Center, affectionately dubbed “The Rock,” has borne witness to countless thrilling moments in Devils history.

The arena has hosted its share of playoff battles, including the electrifying 2012 Stanley Cup Finals, where the Devils, led by Martin Brodeur and a determined squad, faced off against the Los Angeles Kings. Although the Devils ultimately fell short of hoisting the Stanley Cup on home ice, the roar of the crowd and the electric atmosphere cemented Prudential Center’s reputation as a formidable venue in the NHL.

Beyond the Stanley Cup run, Prudential Center has witnessed the rise of new Devils stars, dramatic overtime victories, and a legacy of hockey excellence. The arena has also served as a stage for iconic players to leave their mark on the franchise, including the retirement of legendary goaltender Martin Brodeur, whose number now hangs proudly in the rafters.

The Devils’ tenure at Prudential Center is not merely a story of games played but a testament to the deep bond between a team and its home city. The arena has become a hub for community events, concerts, and family entertainment, solidifying its place as a vibrant center of activity in Newark.

Getting to Prudential Center

Prudential Center is strategically situated in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, offering convenient access for hockey fans traveling from near and far. Whether arriving by car, train, or public transportation, navigating to “The Rock” is straightforward and hassle-free.

By Car: Conveniently located near major highways, including the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and Routes 78, 280, and 21, Prudential Center is easily accessible for drivers. Ample parking options are available in close proximity to the arena, ensuring a seamless game-day experience.

By Train: For those seeking a stress-free commute, train travel offers a direct route to Newark Penn Station, a transportation hub ideally situated just a short walk from Prudential Center. Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT provide regular service to and from Newark, connecting fans to various points throughout the region.

By Public Transportation: Prudential Center is well-served by Newark’s public transportation system. NJ TRANSIT buses and the Newark Light Rail offer convenient routes to the arena, providing an affordable and efficient mode of transportation for attendees.

Regardless of your chosen mode of transportation, Prudential Center’s central location ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey, allowing fans to focus on the excitement of Devils hockey.

Parking and Transportation

Prudential Center offers a range of convenient parking and transportation options, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for Devils fans on game day.


With ample parking facilities located within close proximity to the arena, Prudential Center makes parking convenient for drivers. Several parking garages and surface lots offer a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

  • Pre-Paid Parking: Secure your parking spot in advance by purchasing a pre-paid parking pass online. This option guarantees a space in your chosen lot and allows for a smooth arrival at the arena.
  • Day-of-Game Parking: Parking is typically available for purchase upon arrival at any of the Prudential Center-affiliated lots. However, availability may be limited, so arriving early is recommended.


For those utilizing public transportation, Prudential Center is easily accessible via NJ TRANSIT, offering both train and bus service to the arena.

  • Train Service: Newark Penn Station, a major transportation hub, is conveniently located just a short walk from Prudential Center. Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT provide frequent train service to Newark, connecting fans to various points throughout the region.
  • Bus Service: NJ TRANSIT operates numerous bus routes that stop within walking distance of Prudential Center, providing a convenient and affordable transportation option for local attendees.
  • Ride-Sharing Services: Ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, offer another convenient transportation option for getting to and from Prudential Center.

Tickets and Seating

Prudential Center provides a variety of ticketing and seating options to accommodate the diverse preferences and budgets of New Jersey Devils fans.


Devils tickets can be purchased through a variety of official channels, ensuring a secure and reliable transaction.

  • Ticketmaster: As the official ticketing partner of Prudential Center, Ticketmaster offers a comprehensive online platform for browsing available tickets, selecting seats, and managing your purchase.
  • Prudential Center Box Office: Tickets can also be purchased in person at the Prudential Center Box Office, located near the arena’s main entrance.
  • NHL Ticket Exchange: For fans seeking tickets closer to game day or for sold-out events, the NHL Ticket Exchange, operated by Ticketmaster, provides a secure platform for purchasing verified resale tickets from other fans.


Prudential Center offers a range of seating options to enhance your Devils game-day experience.

  • Lower Level: For an up-close view of the action, lower-level seats provide optimal sightlines and an immersive hockey experience.
  • Upper Level: Upper-level seats offer a panoramic perspective of the game, allowing fans to take in the full scale of the action on the ice.
  • Club Seats: Club seats provide access to exclusive lounges and amenities, offering an elevated level of comfort and service.

Detailed seating charts are available online to assist fans in selecting the ideal seats for their preferences and budget.

Premium Seating Options

For those seeking an unparalleled level of comfort, exclusivity, and service, Prudential Center offers a range of premium seating options designed to elevate the Devils game-day experience.


Prudential Center boasts an array of luxurious suites, providing the ultimate in privacy, comfort, and personalized service. Ranging in size and amenities, suites offer a spectacular view of the ice, along with upscale furnishings, dedicated attendants, and premium catering options.

Club Seats:

Club seats offer fans an elevated game-day experience with access to exclusive club lounges. These lounges provide a sophisticated and comfortable setting to enjoy pre-game festivities, intermission breaks, and post-game gatherings. Amenities often include upscale food and beverage options, private restrooms, and dedicated concierge service.

The Lofts:

The Lofts at Prudential Center present a unique and modern take on premium seating. These semi-private spaces offer a blend of contemporary design and exclusive amenities. The Lofts provide an intimate setting for small groups to enjoy the game while indulging in all-inclusive food and beverage service and dedicated hospitality.

Whether celebrating a special occasion or seeking an unparalleled hockey experience, Prudential Center’s premium seating options deliver an unforgettable game-day experience tailored to the most discerning fans.

Concessions and Merchandise

Prudential Center ensures that Devils fans are well-fueled and outfitted throughout the game with a diverse array of concession stands and merchandise shops conveniently located throughout the arena.


From classic arena fare to gourmet options and local favorites, Prudential Center’s concession stands cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Fans can enjoy traditional game-day snacks, such as hot dogs, popcorn, and pretzels, or explore more diverse culinary offerings, including specialty sandwiches, gourmet burgers, and international cuisine.


A variety of beverages, including soft drinks, bottled water, beer, wine, and cocktails, are available at concession stands throughout the arena. Fans can raise a glass to the Devils with a selection of domestic, craft, and imported beers, or choose from a curated wine list.


The Devils Den Team Store, located at Prudential Center, is the ultimate destination for fans seeking to showcase their team pride. From official jerseys and apparel to hats, scarves, and novelty items, the Devils Den offers a wide selection of merchandise for fans of all ages.

Whether grabbing a quick snack, enjoying a leisurely meal, or finding the perfect Devils souvenir, Prudential Center’s concessions and merchandise options enhance the overall game-day experience.

Fan Experience and Atmosphere

Prudential Center transforms into a sea of red and black on Devils game nights, offering an electrifying atmosphere fueled by passionate fans who embody the heart and soul of New Jersey hockey.

From the moment fans enter the arena, they are greeted with an infectious energy that permeates every corner of “The Rock.” The roar of the crowd, the rhythmic pounding of drums, and the collective gasp with each shot on goal create an immersive and unforgettable sensory experience.

The Devils organization enhances the game-day atmosphere with dynamic pre-game entertainment, including captivating video montages, laser shows, and special appearances by Devils legends. In-game entertainment keeps the energy levels high with contests, giveaways, and musical performances between whistles.

The Devils’ faithful fans, known for their unwavering support and spirited chants, play an integral role in creating the electric atmosphere at Prudential Center. Whether waving their rally towels in unison, participating in coordinated cheers, or simply erupting in spontaneous cheers, Devils fans are an integral part of the game-day experience.

Attending a Devils game at Prudential Center is about more than just watching hockey; it’s about being part of a passionate community united by their love of the game and their unwavering support for the home team.

Notable Games and Moments

Since its grand opening, Prudential Center has hosted countless memorable Devils games, each etching its own chapter in the arena’s rich history. From thrilling playoff battles to iconic individual performances, these moments have left an enduring legacy on the franchise and its devoted fans.

The 2012 Stanley Cup Finals stand out as a pinnacle moment in Prudential Center’s history. The Devils, led by Martin Brodeur’s brilliance and the team’s relentless determination, captivated the city of Newark with their electrifying playoff run. Although the Devils ultimately fell short of hoisting the Stanley Cup on home ice, the roar of the crowd and the palpable tension during those games remain etched in the memories of those who witnessed them.

Beyond the Stanley Cup run, Prudential Center has borne witness to numerous other unforgettable moments. Dramatic overtime victories, highlighted by the roar of the crowd erupting as the game-winning goal hits the back of the net, have become synonymous with Devils hockey at “The Rock.” Individual milestones, such as record-breaking performances and the retirement of legendary players like Martin Brodeur, have also added to the arena’s mystique.

These notable games and moments, forever intertwined with the history of Prudential Center, serve as a testament to the power of sports to unite a city and create lasting memories.

Upcoming Events at Prudential Center

Prudential Center serves as a vibrant hub for entertainment in the heart of Newark, hosting a diverse array of events beyond New Jersey Devils hockey games. From world-renowned musical artists to family-friendly spectacles and thrilling sporting events, “The Rock” offers something for everyone on its upcoming event calendar.

Music lovers can anticipate an impressive lineup of concerts featuring chart-topping musicians and legendary performers across a variety of genres. Keep an eye out for upcoming performances by globally recognized artists, as well as emerging stars poised to make their mark on the music scene.

For families seeking unforgettable experiences, Prudential Center hosts a variety of events tailored to entertain audiences of all ages. From captivating ice shows and gravity-defying circus performances to interactive exhibits and beloved children’s characters brought to life, the arena offers a range of family-friendly options.

In addition to Devils hockey, Prudential Center welcomes a variety of other sporting events throughout the year. From college basketball showdowns and professional boxing matches to mixed martial arts events and esports tournaments, the arena transforms to accommodate a range of thrilling competitions.

The Devils Den Team Store

The Devils Den Team Store, located at Prudential Center, stands as a haven for New Jersey Devils fans seeking to express their unwavering team pride and acquire the latest official merchandise.

Upon entering the Devils Den, fans are greeted by an expansive retail space adorned with Devils colors and iconic imagery, creating an immersive shopping experience that embodies the team’s legacy and spirit. The store’s well-organized layout allows for effortless browsing through a diverse selection of Devils merchandise, ensuring fans of all ages find the perfect items to represent their fandom.

From authentic Devils jerseys, emblazoned with the names and numbers of past and present stars, to stylish apparel suitable for everyday wear, the Devils Den offers a wide range of clothing options to suit every fan’s style. Hats, scarves, and other accessories provide the finishing touches to complete the ultimate Devils-inspired ensemble.

Beyond apparel, the Devils Den features an array of collectibles, novelty items, and home dΓ©cor, allowing fans to transform their personal spaces into tributes to their beloved team. Whether seeking a unique gift for a fellow fan or adding to a cherished collection, the Devils Den provides an unparalleled shopping experience for all things Devils.

The Official App of the New Jersey Devils

The official New Jersey Devils app serves as a comprehensive hub for all things Devils, providing fans with an immersive and interactive way to stay connected to their favorite team, whether at Prudential Center or on the go.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, the app grants fans instant access to essential game-day information, including real-time scores, statistics, and up-to-the-minute game updates. Follow along with the action as it unfolds, track player performance, and stay informed about every goal, save, and penalty.

Beyond game-day essentials, the app delivers a wealth of engaging content, including breaking news, insightful articles, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes videos, providing fans with an all-access pass to the world of Devils hockey.

For fans attending games at Prudential Center, the app enhances the in-arena experience with features like mobile ticketing, allowing for seamless entry and ticket management. Additionally, fans can explore interactive arena maps, locate concessions and amenities, and stay informed about upcoming events and promotions.

The Devils’ Schedule and Opponents

The New Jersey Devils’ schedule promises an exhilarating season of NHL action at Prudential Center, pitting the Devils against formidable opponents from across the league. From heated divisional matchups to clashes with conference rivals, each game offers a unique chapter in the unfolding narrative of the Devils’ quest for playoff glory.

Within the fiercely competitive Metropolitan Division, the Devils face off against familiar foes, including the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, and Pittsburgh Penguins. These high-stakes battles, fueled by passionate fan bases and storied rivalries, often transform Prudential Center into a cauldron of intensity.

Beyond the division, the Devils test their mettle against a diverse array of opponents from across the Eastern Conference. From the high-flying offenses of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs to the defensive prowess of the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes, these matchups offer a compelling showcase of the NHL’s diverse styles of play.

The Devils’ schedule also features intriguing matchups against Western Conference opponents, providing fans with a glimpse of the league’s top talent from coast to coast. These interconference clashes offer a unique opportunity to witness different playing styles and experience the excitement of less frequent but equally captivating matchups.

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