Playful Shark “Fell in love” With Scuba Diver

Divers have photographed on the video the unthinkable love between a man and a 2.5-meter lemon shark with the nickname Blondie.
The 200-kilogram predator allows divers to gently rub her muzzle and it seems that it gets the indescribable pleasure from this.

Playful Shark "Fell in love" With Scuba Diver

The predator has long been known for its love of people.
In any case, what happens in the video can’t be the result of learning or a stunt, as no one can make a huge shark do what it does not want.
It does not even need food: it simply enjoys human society.
We can only admire the love of an animal for humans and the fearlessness of the scuba diver

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