13-year-old Opera Singer On The Show America’s Got Talent – Video

What are the human capabilities? They are truly unlimited. In confirmation of this, we offer you to watch the video of incredible performances of the very talented 13-years-old girl!

13-year-old Opera Singer On The Show America's Got Talent - Video

Modest 13-year-old Laura Brittany has impressed the audience and judges of the show America’s Got Talent with her vocal. She has deserved the right to go to the final selection of the project, having received a “golden key” for her unbelievable performance.
Her vocal is really admirable!
Before the representation, the girl was very excited. But who would not be nervous at her age and in her place!
However, after her incredible performance, the judges said they had not heard anything like it.
The former member of popular group Spice Girls, the singer Mel B, has taken the advantage of the right to press a “golden key”, which automatically transmits the participants directly into the final part of the project. Each member of the jury has a unique right to push the gold button only once for the entire season of the show.
“I think that this show will completely change your life. And I will change your life right now, said the pop star, pressing the button.
With such vocal skills, she has definitely managed to do it!


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