Closer to the Body: 7 Cities in the World with the Most Handsome Men

Yesterday, we represented the most beautiful girls from different cities, and today we pick up 7 towns, where you can get acquainted with the sexiest man! Hot Spanish, aristocratic Englishmen and courageous Swedes – the choice is yours!

Barcelona, Spain

Warmed by the hot sun and redeem in the waters of the Mediterranean, the Spanish men in no time conquer the female whether with their temperament, or whether with their tanned torso.

Dublin, Ireland

Sly look, manly appearance and proud character are characteristics of a strong spirit and confident men from Ireland. But despite all the external brutality, Irish guys can be sensitive and considerate. Well, Dublin can boast with the most handsome men in the world.

Paris, France

If we consider the fact that Paris is considered to be the romance capital that almost every man who lives there seems to us a perfect cavalier, capable of doing daring feats for the sake of his beloved. And even if this is not always true, but who of us would not be happy to be in the arms of a sensitive Parisian?

London, England

Where else can you meet so many handsome men per square meter, if not in the British capital? Aristocratic appearance, exquisite manners and politeness with the girls, all of this is about British. Just look at such sex symbols of London as Hugh Grant, David Beckham and Jude Law. We believe, this is a great argument for the fact that there live some of the most handsome men in the world!

Los Angeles, USA

This city in southern California could easily compete with Barcelona in the tanned male torso presence, and with London – on the part of the beautiful people. Due to numerous Hollywood film studios, there are lots of sexual actors on the streets of that sunny city.

Berlin, Germany

Germany is a country with one of the most diverse cultures in Europe. Therefore, men are usually intellectuals with a special passion for knowledge and an adventure spirit. They are agreeable and always look great. A Berlin is a city where live the most attractive blondes in Germans.

Stockholm, Sweden

They are educated, charming and very attractive. Men from the Viking just cannot fail to attract the fairer sex. Stockholm is a Swedish Cultural Center, where you can meet a handsome, charming blond very easy.

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