Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets” From China

It is known that Asian women spend an incredible amount of time on self-care. We can say that in Asia, there is a kind of appearance cult, which pushes these women for real feats. Here are the most bizarre personal care gadgets from China.

Giant rubber lips

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

The device looks scary and unusual, but people in China believe that it can help you to get rid of wrinkles without surgery! All you need to do is insert this strange contraption in your mouth and pronounce the vowels “e,” “i,” “o,” “u,” etc. within a few minutes a day.

Ribbon from wrinkles

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

No, this ribbon won’t remove your wrinkles. But it can stretch them … You should attach this thing to the hairline, carefully disguise it under the hair, and it will stretch the skin so that wrinkles would be less visible.

Device for the skin around eyes

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

It is expected that this tool will save you from edema, dark circles and bags under the eyes with the help of thermal vibrations, which stimulate the blood circulation in the areas around the eyes.

Face masks making device

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

You certainly may seem that this is a common vegetable grater. However, you are greatly mistaken. This device is designed specifically for making face masks. It helps you to cut beautiful cucumber slices before you put them on your eyes. And a special mirror will help you to do perfectly.

Facial Sauna

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

Seriously? Sauna for a face? For what? To lose weight in the cheeks and chin? If you suddenly decide to use such a thing to get rid of extra grams on the face, write us about your dining experience.

Lifting face mask

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

Chinese believe that this mask will help to achieve a beautiful V-shaped lower face part. They claim that this thing improves circulation and tightens the skin. How this happens is still unknown.

Iron from wrinkles

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

Such iron exists and operates much the same way as an ordinary one, but of course, the heating temperature is much less. It is expected that this gadget should be placed on the forehead or around eyes, and the miraculous warmth will smooth all your wrinkles. Oh well.

Nose Straightener

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

This device looks like a surgical instrument or thing from a torture chamber. How it works is not described. But it looks dangerous and unpredictable

Breast Massager

Most Idiotic “Beauty Gadgets" From China

You can become the proud owner of such wonderful pink rake for breast only for $ 50. Rake is certainly not simple, and they help to preserve the beauty of your breasts. As for me, it’s the most ordinary rake, and there is nothing miraculous about them

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