The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

Prison Break, one of the greatest television shows of the previous decade, is coming back! Yep, everybody thought that with Michael’s death there was nothing else to say. Apparently, there is. Recently Fox released the official trailer for the 5th season. Spoiler: as it turns out, Michael is alive and kicking, locked in yet another prison and the old team is gathering up once again to break him out. Well, the new season is set to air in early 2017, so, today we’ve got just the perfect opportunity to talk about the dopest facts about the first 4. Trust me, there are more than enough amazing facts about the show, some of which could very well beat the main character’s miraculous comeback to life. You don’t believe me? Well, read on and see for yourself! Even if you’re a die-hard Prison Break fan, I guarantee you’ll find one or two “Wow” facts in the following list.

Crazy Fact #1 – No Prison Brake In Prisons!

The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

Alright, this might come as a shock to you, but the show is officially banned in 13 government prisons around the world. I guess the wardens watched it through and through and considered it to be a deadly weapon for the inmates. Can you blame them? The show is practically a step-by-step guide on how break from jail…for the dummies. Truth be told, it’s a fiction, and nobody can escape a tough prison like that, but the fact is truly amazing.

Crazy Fact #2 – Spend A Fortune On Your Tats? Check!

The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

It’s safe to say that Scofield’s tattoo of the Fox River prison is probably one of the most iconic elements of the show – it covers pretty much his whole body and looks super cool. However, experts claim that a highly sophisticated art like that would take as much as 4 years to complete! Wait, that’s not even the greatest part: it would’ve cost Michael 20K! That’s 20 thousand US dollars. Well, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his brother, right?

Crazy Fact #3 – It’s Not Easy To Make A Fake Believable

The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

So, how do you think the show-runners pulled it off? Remember, CG was not really a thing back then, at least in TV shows. Here goes: Wentworth Miller, the man who played Michael, had to spend 4.5 hours in the make-up room for the pros to put that fake tattoo on his body. Talking about the craziest facts about prison Break I believe this might just win the golden medal. Wait, let’s discuss ALL the awesome facts first!

Crazy Fact #4 – Miller Could’ve Been The Superman

Brett Ratner, the executive producer of Prison Break, noticed Mr. Miller during his auditioning for the role of the Man Of Steel in the Flyby movie. Come on, Michael Scofield as Kal-El? Now, even though he didn’t get the role, he did get approved for the cast of the show only a week before they started shooting it, so, Lady Luck smiled back at him after all.

Crazy Fact #5 – The Show Might’ve Never Made It

The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

Back in 2003 the producers at Fox turned Prison Break down because they thought that the audience would simply not be interested in a plot like that. Plus, the heads at the network doubted the show’s ability to keep it interesting in the 2nd season, after the characters escaped. This is definitely one of the craziest facts about prison break, folks!

Crazy Fact #6 – Spielberg Himself Could’ve Run It

Yep, that’s true! For a moment the show was transformed into a mini-series event and the mighty Steven Spielberg even showed some interest in directing/producing it. However, he never did, as he started working of the 2005 blockbuster War Of The Worlds. Now, as much as I personally love Tom Cruise fighting the Martians, the movie could never reach the same iconic status as Prison Break did.

Crazy Fact #7 – Sarah Was Meant To Die

The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

Sara Tancredi, Michael’s sweetheart, a doctor at Fox River, was meant to die in the very first season. But, the audience really loved the character played by Sarah Wayne Callies and made the screenwriters, directors and producers rewrite the plot. As a result, she became one of the strongest female characters in the series and stuck around for all the 4 seasons. And, judging by the trailer, she’ll also be in the 5th season. Crazy how that turned out, huh?

Crazy Fact #8 – “Pobeg” Means Prison Break In Russian

I bet you didn’t know that the popular show was remade in Russia a few years back. Well, it was more than that – Pobeg copied the majority of the scenes, dialogs and, of course, characters. It did get positive reviews from the local press and the viewers.

Crazy Fact #9 – They Shot The Show In A Real Prison

The Craziest Facts About Prison Break

All of the prison scenes you saw in season 1 of the show were actually shot in a REAL PRISON – at the Joliet Correctional Centre that was closed in 2002. Yes, the yard, the cell blocks and even the infirmary were real. Talk about creating an authentic atmosphere!

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our list of the craziest facts about Prison Break. The show has a huge fan-base and I personally can’t wait to see what they’ve “cooked up” for the 5th, the final season. Stay tuned for more crazy stories from us!

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