The Most Amazing Facts About Hamsters

The Most Amazing Facts About Hamsters

There’s no denying the fact that hamsters are super cute and adorable. Come on, just take a look at the pictures! A lot of kids these days love to have them as pets and the moms and the dads like these magnificent creatures as well. Hamsters are fluffy, soft, tiny and beady-eyed. They’re fuzzy, pretty fast, have the cutest expressions on their faces and don’t really need much to be happy: just some food and some water. So, if you’re a sucker for these little buggers, check out the most amazing facts about hamster that I’ve carefully picked up for you. I’m warning you, though – there will be some creepy details along with that cute stuff!

– An interesting fact about hamsters right from the start: they usually like to sleep during the day and the night and are up during the morning and the evening. For some reason, a lot of people think that they’ll be awake at night and get surprised when they go nappy-nappy. Remember – hamsters like to sleep at night, just like you do!

The Most Amazing Facts About Hamsters

– Alright, this might not fit into your perfect picture, but hamsters are not vegetarians and they eat pretty much everything, including grains, seeds, grasses and – wait for it – even insects! Yep, they are omnivores. Trust me, an image of a hamster eating a bug or a spider won’t get out of your head for a while.

The Most Amazing Facts About Hamsters – Fans Of Alcohol, Underground Homes And More

– Looking for the most amazing facts about hamsters? How about this one: a female hamster can easily have as many as 24 babies at a time! Can you imagine how much work that is?

The Most Amazing Facts About Hamsters

– Believe it or not, there are 24 species of hamsters (these are the ones we know about), but only 5 of them are being adopted as pets, including the Russian, the Syrian, the Chinese, the Roborovski and the Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters.

– This is hilarious: the Syrian species are known for “storing” fruit in their tiny cheeks for SUCH a long time that it is fermented by the time these creatures decide to eat it. So, yeah, you could call them fans of alcohol! Besides, the “Syrians” are the most popular species when it comes to pet hamsters. Definitely one of the most amazing facts about hamsters!

– Speaking of hiding stuff in their mouths, the cheeks of these creatures can stretch until their tiny heads become 2-3 times bigger in size! Mother hamsters even “store” their babies there whenever they feel their “kids” are in danger!

The Most Amazing Facts About Hamsters

– Oh, and not all hamsters are tiny: true, some are only 2-4 inches long, but the largest ones are 13 inches long! Now that’s something!

– These creatures don’t really have sharp eyes. In fact, they are born blind, and it takes them as much as 2 full weeks to receive sight. But even after that their eyes are not their strongest suit. They are nearsighted and colorblind.

– A crazy fact about hamsters: they know how to survive a nuclear strike. Yep, they’re great burrowers and can dig holes about a meter deep for shelter. Plus, they make a few “rooms” within their underground apartments to make living a bit more comfy :).

The Most Amazing Facts About Hamsters

– Hamsters live short lives – 4 years max.

Alright, that was our list of the most amazing facts about hamsters. Stay tuned!

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