TOP-10 Unknown Facts About Cheese

Cheese. Someone love him, someone – no. However check out interesting facts about it is, guess, it whould be interesting for all!

TOP-10 Unknown Facts About Cheese

Fact number 1: Abundance of cheese

How many varieties of cheese exist? This question can not be given a definite answer, but certainly – a few thousand. Although the all this abundance can be reduced to 5 main varieties:

– Soft;
– Firm;
– Semisolid;
– Smoked;
– Melted.

Fact number 2: Сheese book

French cheesemaker Andre Simon wrote a tractate “On the cheese actually” in it he described all secrets of the preparation of 839 sorts of cheese. It took 17 years to write this book.

Fact № 3: Milk made and not only

Cheese product can be made from milk and soybean (tofu).
1 kg of cheese requires 10 liters of milk and 600 gr. of soybean. Therefore, tofu is much cheaper than the usual cheese.

Fact number 4: old and young

New sortd of cheese appear weekly. But the oldest varieties dates to the period of Homer and Egyptian pyramids.

Fact number 5: Cheese and politics

Etiquette of eating cheese is so important for France, that even the most important ceremony can not begin, if the necessary sorts of cheese are absent. Well-known politician Charles de Gaulle once said: “It is impossible to govern a country in which there are 246 kinds of cheese”.

TOP-10 Unknown Facts About Cheese

Fact number 6: Cheese aphrodisiacs

Cheesy flavor has a aphrodisiac properties. Therefore, that product is a mandatory national dish in wedding menu of many southern nations, and the French people (acknowledged connoisseurs of cheese) considered as the best experts in amorous affairs.

Fact number 7: Royal gift

Cheese is such a valuable product that it can be a gift even for royal wedding. What actually has happened at the wedding of the British Queen Victoria, who lived in 1837 – 1901. The circle of Cheddar, that weighed half a ton was presented to her on her day of wedding!

Fact number 8: Salvador Dali and Camembert

The legend says that Salvador Dali painted his famous picture “Fluid Clock”, under inspiration from the taste and consistency of “Camembert” cheese which he has tasted for the first time. Salvador Dali is credited with saying: “If the country does not have at least 50 sorts of cheese and good wine, so she” reached the end of the line”.

TOP-10 Unknown Facts About Cheese

Fact number 9: Charles the Great and Cheese

Famous “Brie” was the most exquisite dish, according to Charles the Great. It said that it is living only 84 days, 4 hour and 23 minutes. After this period of time you can not eat it, because it will turn into the poison. And of course there is no need to wait for so long, because the most tasty brie is fresh one.

Fact number 10: To each his own

The biggest amount of cheese is produced in the United States.
The biggest amount of cheese is eaten in Greece.
The most famous connoisseur of cheese are residents of France.
The most dietary cheese is produced in Russia.

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