Awesome Facts About Taylor Swift, Part I

Awesome Facts About Taylor Swift, Part I

Taylor Swift is one of the most influential women in modern-day show-business. The musical industry has never been the same since she first arrived in Nashville to pursue her dreams. Today Taylor is a best-selling artist, a producer, a humanitarian and a bunch of other awesome things. If you’re a fan of pop-country songs about love, friendship and compassion, then she’s definitely one of your most favorite singers. She’s young, talented, cheerful and has tons of prestigious awards at home piling up. Ms. Swift has ten Grammys, 22 Billboard Music Awards, 11 CMA awards (Country Music Association) and even one Brit award. Aha, it’s quite a mountain of statues, that’s for sure! She sold over 40 million albums worldwide (27.1 million in America) and 130 million singles! So, check out the following awesome facts about Taylor Swift and tell us what you think in the comments!

– Taylor was born December 13th, 1989, in Reading (Pennsylvania). That makes her 26 years old. Her middle name is Alison. Taylor Alison Swift – sounds great, doesn’t it?

– Her parents, Scott Swift and Andrea Finlay, used to own a Christmas tree farm in Montgomery County and she spent her early years on that farm. So, in a way, you could call her a farm girl :).

Awesome Facts About Taylor Swift, Part I

– Cute fact: The future superstar’s mom, Andrea, decided to name her Taylor simple because she didn’t want folks to be able to “guess” her gender by name. That’s adorable!

– The singer has a younger brother, Austin, who studies at Vanderbilt University and likes photography. Taylor loves to invite him to all kinds of big shows, including the Grammys.

– As for her grandpa, she used to be a professional opera singer. Taylor learned a lot from her and was inspired enough to start her own career at a teenage age. When she was just 10 years old, T-Swift was already showing her singing skills at various contests/fairs. One year later she was performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Philadelphia 76ers game.

Awesome Facts About Taylor Swift, Part I

– When she turned 12, her computer broke down, and the repair guy taught her how to play 3 chords on the guitar. You could say that boy started her career in show-business! Today she can play the piano, acoustic, electric guitar, banjo and even ukulele.

– By the way, while she was still 12, Ms. Swift wrote a 350-page book which has never been shown publicly, let alone published.

– She paints pretty well, her favorite shoes are cowboy boots and her lucky number is 13.

Awesome Facts About Taylor Swift, Part I

– Taylor says her biggest musical influence is Shania Twain. And she’s also a big fan of Britney Spears – “devoted”, as she puts it.

– At the age of 14 the country phenomenon moved to Nashville with her family. She began “promoting” her music using MySpace. Back then that was quite an unusual way of connecting with fans of country music.

– Her best friend is Selena Gomez; she signed a contract with Big Machine Records after singing at The Bluebird Care in Nashville in 2006; that same year her very first single, titled Tim McGraw, managed to make it into the list of top-10 country songs.

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