Fun Facts About Lemons

Fun Facts About Lemons

Lemons are well-respected all around the world and the cooks love adding them to a wide variety of meals. They have that unique, “expensive” flavor that just seems to make everything taste better. Some folks even put a slice of lemon into vodka, whiskey and Coca-Cola. Others just eat them “raw”! Oh, and they make lemonade from lemons! Bottom line is, they are in large demand and over the years we learned a lot about them. I have to also mention that some cultures even use lemons as medicine. Check out the following fun facts about lemons and make sure to keep at least a couple of ’em in the fridge – you never know when you might need them!

– Technically, lemons are classified as berries, even though we all think that a lemon is a fruit. They say the name comes from an Asian (Chinese, I suppose) word that literally means “sour fruit”. The scientists/researchers/historians believe that lemons have been used by humans since the first century A.D.

Fun Facts About Lemons

– Fun facts about lemons: Did you know that there are 3 common lemons, including Lisbon, Eureka and Bearss? Furthermore, Arizona and California produce about 95% of the entire crop! A lemon tree can be 20 feet tall and produce as much as 600 pounds of lemons in a year!

– In general, one lemon contains 8 seeds and 3 tablespoons of juice. The juice, in turn, comes with 5% of citric acid. By the way, if you wanna start living on a diet, I’m happy to say that a single lemon contains only 15 calories.

Fun Facts About Lemons – Great For A Sore Throat, Rich With Vitamin C

Fun Facts About Lemons

– The British Navy, one of the greatest ones the world has even seen, requires all the ships in the fleet to have enough lemons in the reserve so that every single sailor gets to have an ounce of lemonade every day!

– Lemon juice with hot water is a strong anti-bacterial mixture and is pretty helpful if you have a sore throat. Keep that in mind.

– Fun fact about lemons: Back in the day lemons used to be a rare “commodity”. In fact, they were so rare that the kings and queens used to give them to each other as gifts! Oh, and during the Renaissance, women used lemons as a make-up tool: they used the lemon juice to redden their lips.

Fun Facts About Lemons

– In 1849, during the California Gold Rush, the miners were happy to pay ridiculous amount of money for one lemon. If you could just travel back in time and sell them tons of lemons that you can buy for almost nothing at your local store!

– More fun facts about lemons: Rich Victorians used to grow lemon trees in their homes (yep, you heard me) – that meant they were wealthy enough to afford it and people respected them for that. Plus, the nice smell never hurt anybody :)

– Have you ever heard of the lemon shark? Well, it’s named after lemons because its skin is yellowish. Don’t let if fool ya, though – it’s a mean predator!

Fun Facts About Lemons

– Lemons are rich with vitamin C, they can prevent scurvy and in the 20th century Lemon was a pretty common name both for men and for women :). Do you know anyone by that name? Share in the comments!

– The heaviest lemon on record weighed 11 pounds and 9.7 ounces. One final fact about lemons: if you wire 500 lemons together, you’ll be able to power a flashlight bulb!

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