The Craziest Facts About Lions

The Craziest Facts About Lions

Lions are the kings of the jungle (and the forest) – everybody knows that. They’re big, scary, with a swagged-out haircut and a very mean attitude. You know that expression, “The Lion’s Den”? Well, it pretty much describes how horrible these creatures can be. We see them on the other side of the screen, or, what’s more ironic, in cartoons, but the truth is, if you face a lion in an open space, you’ll most likely end up dead. Sorry to be a buzz killer, but that’s what is going to happen :). Unless you’re a trained specialist or a NAVY Seal! Alright, enough scary stories, let’s discuss the craziest facts about lions. I’ve got a bunch of awesome stuff for y’all, so, get ready to have a face-to-face with the king of the jungle himself!

– Lions live fast, eventful, stressful lives, and that’s why they never make it past 14-15 years in the wild. Surprisingly, they can live up to 20 years in captivity!

– The majority of lions lives in sub-Saharan Africa, while a small bunch of them made it to Asia and enjoys the cold breeze :). Check this out: Panthera Leo is the “official” Latin name.

The Craziest Facts About Lions

– One of the craziest facts about lions: they’re the tallest of all cats on planet Earth. The male lions reach 4 feet in shoulder height, while the females are only good for 3 feet 3 inches. By the way, the longest “documented” lion (that means put on record) was 12 feet long!

– As for the heaviest big cat, they had this chubby one at Colchester Zoo in England, who weighted 826lbs! Oh, and his name was Simba.

The Craziest Facts About Lions – They’re Lazy, Have Manes And Get Banished

The Craziest Facts About Lions

– Ridiculous fact about lions: despite the popular belief that lions are always “hustling” in the jungle looking for food, taking care of their cubs and fighting the rivals, they’re actually quite the lazy creatures. Lions are doing pretty much nothing for about 20 (!) hours a day. What about the rest of the day? Well, they walk around for 2 hours and eat for 1-1.5.

– A group of lions is called a pride and consists of 2 males, 6 females and several cubs, both male and female. The “fellas” have it rough: when they reach maturity, they are often excluded from the pride. Well, they do have manes to compensate, right?

– Ok, this is the craziest fact about lions: the females are the hunters, not the males! Yep, they take care of the family and put food on the table. Female lions are smaller and more flexible. When hungry, these creatures are known to scavenge food from other predators, including hyenas, cheetahs and even leopards.

The Craziest Facts About Lions

– Sometimes lions mate with other creatures! And it’s true for both males and females! The most popular “partners” are tigers.

– You know why they call them the kings? Because they have the loudest roar of all cats. You can hear it from up to 8 kilometers away!
– The Ancient Romans made lions fight gladiators in the arenas.

The Craziest Facts About Lions

– Crazy fact about lions: in order to proof dominance and total control, lion tamers put their heads in this scary creature’s mouth.

Alright, that was our list of awesome facts about lions! Check back with us regularly to catch all the latest posts.

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