The Craziest Facts About Valentine’s Day

The Craziest Facts About Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the favorite holiday of all the love birds, and, while it is all shiny, cute and full of admiration, there are some crazy facts about Valentine’s Day that you should learn about. Everybody knows that we celebrate love on February 14th and that it’s the most romantic day of the year. So, it’s only natural that people do all kinds of awesome (and crazy) things, because love if the greatest feeling of them all. Today you’ll read about the couple that set the world record for the longest kiss (thumbs up!), a man who patented the telephone on this day and a country where you can’t celebrate this holiday (yep, it’s banned). Make sure to share this post with all your friends out there and let’s turn Valentine’s Day into an even more trending and buzzing celebration of love than it already is.

– Alright, let’s kick the list off with the most confusing fact about this holiday: There are 3 people with the name Saint Valentine that are “linked” with February 14th, and, even to this day, there’s no telling which one the day is actually all about. For example, the Valentine in ancient Rome was beheaded :). Why? He was performing weddings in secret!

– IKEA Australia did something awesome once: they were giving away coupons for free baby cribs to those lucky parents who welcomed their child on November 14th – that’s 9 months after Valentine’s Day! By the way, you’d have to show proof of birth to get that crib :).

The Craziest Facts About Valentine's Day

– Who would think to patent the telephone on this amazing day, huh? Well, somebody already did! Meet Mr. Alexander Bell, the man who “privatized” it back in 1876. Oh, and check this out: 230 million texts were sent on February 14th in 2012, which is 11 million more than any other day of the month. Crazy, huh?

– Ok, this is ridiculous: You heard about Saudi Arabia – the country that chops people’s heads off, has no respect for women and pumps oil on a record-breaking scale? Apparently, they have no love for roses and/or anything red (you simply CAN’T sell a red rose). Therefore, Valentine’s Day is permitted over there. The Saudis have this Commission that takes care of vice and virtue and they think love should be banned. You believe that?

The Craziest Facts About Valentine's Day

– As for the civilized world, they say that 200 million (!) roses are produced for February 14th. 73% of those roses are bought by…men, of course! Wait, ladies buy them too?!

– Analysts claim that almost 13 BILLION US dollars are spent on this day every year. Guess love come at a solid price!

– Sad fact: Theodor Roosevelt’s wife and mother both passed away on Feb. 14th back in 1884. He wrote in his diary that the light left his life on that day.

The Craziest Facts About Valentine's Day

– The “author” of that legendary LOVE image is Robert Indiana. He first put it on a Valentine’s Day stamp in 1973, putting 25 million dollars into the U.S. Post Office’s wallet! By the way, he never copyrighted the design.

– Hey, check this out: A couple from Thailand set the world record for the longest kiss. It lasted…58 hours and 36 minutes! This was their second record (the first one was set in 2011).

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