Amazing Facts About Melissa McBride

Amazing Facts About Melissa McBride

We live in exciting times: nowadays an actor’s (or actress’s) career gets a mightier kick up the butt (in a good way) after a big role in a TV show than in a big-screen movie. Back in the day nobody would think this could happen, but here we are. By the way, there are a lot of people in the acting world who are always behind the main pack, so to speak, and sometimes they get a huge boost to their careers after they play in record-breaking TV shows. Melissa McBride, the woman who portrays Carol in The Walking Dead, a phenomenal show about a zombie apocalypse, is a perfect example of that. She’s been around for decades, but never really got the chance to shine until AMC took her in. So, let’s check out some amazing facts about Melissa McBride. Trust me, you’ll be fascinated by this woman after you read my post – I guarantee you that!

– Melissa was born on May 23, 1965, which makes her 51 years old. Her hometown is Lexington, Kentucky. However, when she was just 6 months old, her family left Lexington, not settling anywhere until she turned 6 and they arrived in North Carolina. So, that’s where she grew up. Melissa has four siblings.

– In 1984, when she turned 19, the future superstar moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She still lives there with three pets – 2 cats (named Sierra and Vangeline) and a basset hound (Lincoln Dog). The hound belonged to McBride’s best friend who passed away in 2010, so, she takes care of him now. Definitely one of the most amazing facts about Melissa McBride.

Amazing Facts About Melissa McBride

– Interesting fact about Melissa McBride: despite the fact that she’s a professional actress now, she always wanted to be a fashion designer. She did drama in high school, and when she moved to Atlanta, Melissa signed up for an acting workshop and the rest is history.

Amazing Facts About Melissa McBride – A Talented Photographer, A Fan Of Coffee And More

– Miss McBride is also a pretty great photographer, just like Norman Reedus (the man who portrays Daryl in TWD). Her collection includes some awesome portrait pictures, not to mention a bunch of fascinating pictures of the cast of The Walking Dead. She has a special bond with video cameras as well and even calls herself a “geek”. Plus, she really enjoys making coffee :).

Amazing Facts About Melissa McBride

– Back in 1991 she was the spokeswoman for Ford and that’s when her journey into the world of acting started. Her first role was in an episode of Matlock in 1993. She starred in a lot of movies during the 90s.

– A truly amazing fact about Melissa McBride: when the 21st century kicked in, the actress decided to try something new and started working as a casting director up until 2010!

– Back in 2007 Melissa starred in The Mist, Frank Darabont’s hugely successful movie. So, yeah, she worked with him before TWD. Darabont wanted to give her a bigger role, but she loved her job as a casting director too much to take time away from it.

Amazing Facts About Melissa McBride

– Laurie Holden and Jeffrey DeMunn, who played Andrea and Dale in The Walking Dead, also had parts in The Mist!

– One of the craziest facts about Melissa McBride: even though we were all amazed by Carol’s transformation from a shy mother to a true warrior, the character in the comic books gets killed (eaten, rather) by a walker early on. As for the Carol in the show, the runners wanted to “kill” her in the middle of season 3. However, Melissa convinced them otherwise. Crazy, right?

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