This Must be Seen: the 10 Most Amusing Incidents with US Presidents

Awkward moments happen in everyone’s life – whether you’re a salesperson or a head of the state. We watch and convince ourselves that American presidents – are people too!

Clumsy Ford
In 1975, Gerald Ford made a state visit to Austria. Going down the ramp, the president slipped and fell down. It was not the only fall of Ford. Later, his clumsiness even has become the object of ridicule of television comedians. Although, paradoxically, Ford was very sporty: in his youth, he was a great football player and a coach of football and boxing.

Bush and the Deathly sushi
George W. Bush – the senior, the 41st US president, in 1992 during a visit to Tokyo was unable to cope with sushi. The president has vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, and then he lost consciousness. “The President is also a man, he is also sometimes ill” – Marlin Fitzwater said then, press secretary of the White House.

Bush Jr. and massage for Angela Merkel
One of the champions in the number of hits in awkward situations is George Bush Jr. In 2006, during one of the meetings in St. Petersburg within the framework of the summit of “Big Eight”, he decided to show favor to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and made her a massage.

Bush Jr. and shoes attack
In 2008, at a press conference in Baghdad journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at Bush. In Arab culture, it is considered the strongest insult. Thus, a man wanted to protest against the war in Iraq. By the way, he missed both times.

Sad Bush Jr.
Another awkward moment in the life of Bush Jr. On one of the summits of the “Big Twenty” he looked lonely and lost, because no one shook his hand, in contrast to all other world leaders.

Bush Jr. is dancing
If suddenly you do not know how to dance, do not worry. Because Bush Jr. is also a dancer, frankly, so-so, but how well it looks in the picture!

Sleeping Bill Clinton
Remember how you fell asleep during a particularly boring university lecture? So, Bill Clinton also fell asleep, not at the lecture, but at a ceremony in memory of Martin Luther King – the fighter for the rights of black people in the US. The world’s media then suggested that the reason for it was Clinton’s age.

Stuck Obama
Obama does not drive a car himself, but trouble can overtake even in the passenger seat. Limousine of the President was stuck while traveling from the US Embassy in Dublin. Security has responded promptly and “hid” an embarrassing moment for the minibus.

Obama and a very untimely toast
One of the most embarrassing situations in which ever American presidents have appeared was Barack Obama. During an official dinner in the UK, Obama decided to make a toast for Queen Elizabeth II, but the British national anthem began to play at that point. During its performance, everyone present should stand in dead silence, but the US president did not pay attention to it, thinking that it’s just a beautiful soundtrack to his speech

No hugs for Obama
And in conclusion: Barack Obama has recently made an official visit to Cuba, where, after the press conference, he tried either to hug or to pat on the shoulder, Raul Castro. However, the Cuban leader, apparently, did not want to cuddle with his US counterpart, he grabbed his hand and lifted it up.

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