What’s So Great About Planks? 7 Facts

What's So Great About Planks? 7 Facts

The 21st century made one thing clear – people want to be in a good shape. And bodyweight exercises are super-popular these days, simply because you don’t need fancy and expensive equipment from the gym to get started – you’ve got your body! In all fairness, planks are considered to be one of the most effective exercises, both for the beginners and the pros. The greatest thing about planks is it won’t take much time to do them, plus, you’ll achieve significant results in a short period of time. Your adnominal muscles support your entire back and they need to be strong if you wanna be healthy and athletic. You should train your core muscles on a daily basism, and planks are the most perfect exercise for that. So, let’s see how planks will affect your life when you start doing them regularly:

1 – You’ll Get Stronger And More Flexible

So, why exactly are planks a super-efficient exercise for the adnominal muscles? Because they “work” all the important core muscle groups – you know them as the glutes, the external oblique muscle, the transverse abdominus and the rectus abdominus (hello, Latin!). These muscle groups are imperative if you dream about becoming stronger and more athletic. If you want to be able to lift heavy weights, strengthen your back and bottom, and, finally, get that mysterious six-pack, this is it! Planks are known as one of the most effective exercises for that ideal pack.

2 – A Stronger Back Will Be More Resistant To Injuries

What's So Great About Planks? 7 Facts

Plank exercises are especially awesome in that they’ll help you build muscle while “keeping tabs” and avoiding off-the-charts pressure on your spine/hips. Numerous researches show that if you do planks regularly you’ll not only successfully reduce back pain to a minimum, but also “beef up” your muscles and build a strong support for your back. So, bottom line is, if you car e about your back (and you should!) but can’t really seem to “click” with any exercise out there, planks will be perfect for you. Just try them once – you’ll see the effect in a matter of weeks!

3 – Improved Metabolism? Check!

What's So Great About Planks? 7 Facts

Looking for the greatest fat-burner? You found it! Planks put your entire body on “high alert” and if you do them regularly you’ll burn more calories than with the classic core exercises, including sit-ups and crunches. Wait, that’s not the best part: if you do planks on a daily basis you’ll be burning fat even when you’re just sitting at your desk! Aha, sitting in front of your laptop and losing weight – how about it? So, it would be a great idea to turn this into a daily routine (start with 1 minute and go up to 10) before and after work. This way you’ll make sure that your metabolic rate is high all the time, even when you’re eating, watching TV and sleeping. Boosting your metabolic rate is just as important as getting a six-pack, so, keep that in mind and make a habit of doing planks no matter the weather or the mood.

4 – Want That Ideal Posture? Do Planks!

If you’re craving for that straight, stable, beautiful posture, doing planks will help you a great deal. It all comes down to strengthening your core muscles (also known as the abdominals) – a mighty core will allow you to stand straight and with grace 24/7. The fact is, the abdominal muscle groups have a huge effect on the condition of your back, shoulders, chest and even neck. It’s safe to say that a stable posture comes from a strong core, and the best way to “beef it up” would be to do planks – regularly.

5 – A Great Way To Improve Your Balance

Admit it: you have been trying to stand on one leg for more than a couple of seconds your entire life, but you still can’t get yourself to maintain perfect balance. Standing on one leg is pretty hard for your body – it takes a lot of strength to do that! True, sometimes you can’t stand straight because you’ve been partying like an animal, but that’s just an exception, rather than a rule. The rule is – your core muscles are simply not strong enough to keep the balance. So, if you want to give your performance a mighty kick up the butt, start doing side planks/planks with extensions on a daily basis. Trust me, you’ll notice improvement sooner than you think!

6 – Flexibility Comes With A Strong Core

What's So Great About Planks? 7 Facts

Alright, so, as you can see, planks are pretty awesome! And, they’ve got even more benefits for us, improved flexibility being one of them. Plank exercises expand and stretch all the posterior muscle groups in your body, including the hamstrings, arches of your feet, toes, shoulders, shoulder blades and the collarbone. Yep, it’s quite a bunch! If you want to work your oblique as well, do side planks.

7 – A Bonus Benefit – Mental Stability

What's So Great About Planks? 7 Facts

Believe it or not, plank exercises have a great effect on your nerves as well, calming your mind and “opening it up”. As you stretch your muscles, you get rid of tension that builds up during a busy day at work while you run around and/or sit at your desk for 8 straight hours. Bottom line is, if you’re suffering from anxiety and even depression, planks will get you back on your feet and put a smile on your face in no time.

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